The Better Strategy Intensive

What CEOs of SMEs need to know to successfully design and execute winning strategies.

The Better Strategy Intensive is for CEOs, Managing Directors, Founders, Owners, Entrepreneurs, and everybody else with P&L responsibility who want to take their business to the next level with a winning strategy.

  • It is for leaders looking to develop and implement better strategies in an easy, simple, fresh, and pragmatic way. (Old school strategy is dead!)

  • It is for leaders looking to increase their businesses' performance, deliver better results, create more significant impact, and lead with more clarity and confidence – even in times of uncertainty.

  • It is for leaders looking to develop and implement a new strategy or review and reboot an existing one.

  • It’s for aspiring leaders who want to become CEO and are looking for a pragmatic approach to strategy.

  • It’s for newly appointed CEOs who are wondering about what strategy is and how to develop and execute a good one.

If that’s you…Welcome to The Better Strategy Intensive!

What do you get

#1 → A pragmatic approach to making Better Strategy

Learn a pragmatic approach to develop a winning strategy, successfully implement that strategy, manage your strategy, track your results, and update and adapt as necessary, using my signature solution: The Strategy Launchpad.The way many organizations practice strategy today is broken. Strategy has degenerated into lofty vision statements, updating last year’s plans, financial forecasting, and long laundry lists of wishes from various parties throughout the organization. That’s what I mean by “Old school strategy is dead.”Today, strategy needs to be more nimble, it needs to be focused on your most pressing challenges and highest-value opportunities, and it needs to be action-oriented to ensure successful execution. And it might need to be updated flexibly and quickly based on new insights and events happening around you.The Strategy Launchpad offers an approach that enables you to achieve all these things and more. 👇

#2 → A focused and committed team

If you use my approach, your leadership team will be focused and committed to a common direction—no more discussions about where to take your business or what to focus on.
Instead, your strategy will help your team and organization decide what to do and what not to do going forward.

#3 → An aligned organization

Your organization will be aligned on what matters most to really move your company forward. You can reduce the number of seemingly strategic initiatives and have clear priorities. You’ll learn how to activate your strategy by engaging stakeholders within your organization and building the shared understanding, alignment, and conditions teams need to deliver on strategy.

#4 → Solve your most critical challenges

You prioritize and solve your most critical issues, which keep you from achieving your ambitions. As a result, you won’t waste any more money on dealing with trivial problems.

#5 → Transform into a strategic leader

Most leaders won’t admit it, but they don’t know what strategy is or how to develop a good one. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Throughout this program, you will not only develop and implement your strategy, but you will also learn everything you need to know about strategy and improve your strategic thinking skills.
The Strategy Launchpad Intensive will give you the process, tools, and mindset to design a winning strategy and ensure that strategy is actionable for your team and organization. You’ll save hours of studying and reading and thousands of dollars for expensive executive education programs, which keep you wondering, “So what now?”.

#6 → Step-by-step guidance

I’ll guide you through the entire process of developing and implementing your winning strategy step by step. Together we‘ll work through the stages of designing and executing a better strategy for your organization. No more guessing what methodology or what tool to use. Instead, you'll have a clear, pragmatic path to follow, guaranteed to produce results quickly.

#7 → Feedback and support based on 20+ years of experience

You will have access to me via Zoom calls, email, and text messages throughout the entire journey. You get access to 20+ years of experience working with leaders and entrepreneurs just like you from various industries and companies of all sizes globally.

Why am I doing this

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve worked with countless CEOs and leadership teams across the globe and industries, helping them to develop and implement winning strategies. And I’ve educated 100s, if not 1000s, in executive education programs.Most of my work has been with mid-sized divisions, business units, or subsidiaries of large global groups like BMW, Lufthansa, Deloitte, or Danfoss. These units typically employed from 100 to 4000 people, making anywhere between USD 10 million to 1 billion in revenue.Along the way, I learned what makes good, winning strategies that actually do get implemented. Based on this experience and dozens of strategy engagements, I developed my signature solution: The Strategy Launchpad.My ambitions for The Better Strategy Intensive are:

  1. Help you build a better business: I want to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business. A business that performs better and has a greater impact.

  2. Help you make better strategy: What many organizations call „strategy“ these days is not really a strategy. Moreover, traditional old-school approaches to strategy might not work for you anymore. So I‘m here to help you make better strategy using fresh approaches and thinking.

  3. Make strategy accessible to everyone: Many leaders think that strategy is difficult and time-consuming and that it’s best outsourced to a consultant. I’ll show you how you can do strategy in a simple way and why you shouldn’t outsource it to a traditional done-for-you consultant!

Why you should do this

I want you to…

  1. Create a more successful business, a business that performs better and has a greater impact. Grow your revenue and profit, find new growth, get more customers, increase customer satisfaction,…and simply make more money at the end of the day.

  2. Avoid making costly mistakes, and streamline your business by focusing on a clear and compelling strategy so that you can also save money.

  3. Solve your problems and pain points with the help of a good strategy.

  4. Have a better life, and stop worrying about your business, being uncertain where to take it, and whether you are on the right path. I want you to lead your company with clarity and confidence!

How does it work

The duration of the entire program is four weeks.Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Facilitated strategy process: I take you through my entire process of developing and executing your strategy in 4 Zoom sessions of 90 minutes. You learn about every step in The Strategy Launchpad, your strategy journey, the theory, framework, and tools. These sessions are held as group sessions, allowing you to also hear and learn from other senior leaders in similar positions as you.

  2. 1:1 strategy review and advisory sessions: You’ll get two 1-on-1 sessions of 1 hour each with me to discuss your strategy, your strategic challenges, how to implement The Strategy Launchpad in your organization, how to make better strategy, and any other questions you might have.

  3. Access to detailed guides: You’ll get access to detailed guides for executing each step of The Strategy Launchpad. You can download these and use them on your own or with your team. These guides make it easy to design and execute your strategy.

  4. Access to an online toolbox: All session recordings and tools will be available online. You’ll get access to an online discussion forum where you can talk to other participants and peers, ask questions and get help from me and others who’ve been there and done that. All tools can be downloaded and are yours to keep after the program. There’s a wealth of “accelerators” helping you to get strategy, innovation, and transformation done more efficiently and quickly.

  5. Implementation support: Access to me via bi-weekly Zoom sessions, plus unlimited email, and text for 3 months after the program to answer any questions you might have while implementing The Strategy Launchpad approach and working on designing and activating your strategy.

Below is the full schedule.

  • In early October, we’ll do our first 1-on-1 call. You can book a slot that fits your schedule using Calendly. You’ll receive the link once you’re in the program.

  • On October 3, 5, 17, and 19 we’ll have our joint strategy sessions. Sessions take place at 9 am PDT, 12 pm EDT, 6 pm CEST on Zoom and last for about 90 minutes, depending on your questions and the discussion we’ll have.

  • In late October, we’ll do our second 1-on-1 call. You can book a slot that fits your schedule using Calendly.

  • Thereafter, we'll have bi-weekly implementation support sessions for 3 months until the end of January 2024.

  • In addition, you can email or text me anytime with questions. Whenever you need support, I'll be available!


Session 1:

  • What is Strategy

  • Why old-school strategy is dead

  • The new rules of Better Strategy

  • Introduction to the Strategy Launchpad approach

Session 2:

  • Making sense of what is going on

  • In your industry and market

  • In your organization

  • How to prioritize your most critical strategic challenges and your highest-value opportunities

Session 3:

  • Designing your strategy

  • How to design your strategy

  • How to put innovation back into strategy

  • How to achieve a competitive advantage

  • Testing your strategy options

Session 4:

  • Activating your strategy

  • How to involve and engage your organization in the strategy process

  • Establishing your strategic management system

  • Executing your strategy in sprints using the 90/21/7 methodology

  • How to turn your strategy always-on

Why you should do this now

You might be used to doing your annual strategy offsite at the end of the year, aren’t you?Well…old school strategy is dead. The times when you could set your strategy only once a year and then forget about it are over. Has this ever worked for you anyhow? Strategy needs to be something you do continuously.You can get a head start this year by starting early and using the Better Strategy Intensive to think about your strategy and re-invent how you think and do strategy in your organization.And don’t worry, the Strategy Launchpad I’ll be teaching is a simple yet super effective approach that doesn’t use too much of your time.And if you want to hold on to your annual offsite at the end of the year, you can make it more effective this year by applying what you learned during the Intensive! I’ll show you how. ;-)

As a summary, you get…

  • An actionable and pragmatic approach to crafting winning strategies

  • 4 sessions of training and guidance on the essentials of how to develop and implement better strategy in your organization

  • 2 one-on-one coaching and advisory on your strategy with me, Marc Sniukas

  • 3 months of implementation support

  • Lifetime access to the online toolbox

What does it cost

Your investment for the complete program, as outlined above, is EUR 2’500.- + EU VAT, if applicable, payable upfront.

How you can join

The Better Strategy Intensive is not for everybody. To ensure you get the most value possible out of it, I want to keep the group small enough so that everybody has time for questions and engagement, and I want to curate the participants so that there’s an interesting mix that allows you to also learn from each other.That’s why I carefully vet participants upfront. To do that, I need a little bit of information. So, if you’re seriously interested in participating, please apply here (takes 6 minutes max).Once approved, you’ll receive an invitation, and should you accept that, you’ll get an invoice and payment link. Once payment has been received, you’re in!

If you have additional questions…

Please send me your questions to or via Telegram.If you prefer, you can also book a Zoom call.I’m looking forward to seeing you inside!Let’s Make Better Strategy together!
– Marc

Who's Marc?

My name is Marc SniukasThroughout my career spanning more than two decades, I have collaborated with hundreds of CEOs, senior leaders, executive teams, and business owners across the world, catering to companies of all sizes and industries, helping them design and execute better strategies.Along the way, I learned that successful strategy is based on a few key principles, chief among them a structured process.In this webinar, I outline the exact approach I've used hundreds of times to execute strategies successfully.